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Hello Family and Friends,

     I want to thank the founders, the helpers in the community, and the workers for the F.O.T.A.C. program. I was helped by this program when my family was in a crisis. My brother passed away around May 21 of this year and I really needed to talk to my mother in person. But I had no way of getting her to visit me at Northpoint Training Center. A brother on the yard approached me and told me about the F.O.T.A.C. program. He said the program provides transportation to members of the family of prisoners. This program has so much more to offer and I just couldn't believe how it worked out! I asked my mother to look into the program by mailing her a letter. The following weekend I had a visit on Father's Day! I had no idea that she would be able to visit me within seven days of receiving my letter. I would like to thank God first for putting a group of God-fearing men and women together to form a group like F.O.T.A.C. I could not ask for anything more. Thank you and God bless you F.O.T.A.C.


Michael K. Smith




My wife, Rhonda, and I believe in the Family of the Accused/Convicted ministry to which God has called Arnetta Moore, and which He has entrusted to her. It is a much needed, and sadly, overlooked, ministry to folks who are hurting and searching for support and guidance. Arnetta loves those around her just as the Lord loves each of us. And she has given herself selflessly to those who are in such need. What we have contributed to Arnetta in this effort has been far less than what we wish we could contribute. I have ministered in prisons to those incarcerated and have seen first-hand the difficulties they and their families face. The need is overwhelming for these folks to have opportunities to improve their lives and change their direction. We applaud this Lady, and her ministry, and pray that she will secure the funding she needs to grow this ministry.

May God guide you in this important decision!

C. Larry Scantland




Hello, my name is Derrick A. Combs. As of May 21, 2001 I was incarcerated for 2nd degree assault. After deliberation of the court and the judgment I was sentenced to ten years in prison where I served two years at Western Correctional Facility and I was to come up for parole in two years. Once appearing before the board I was deferred for two years and served two more years in the Kentucky State Pen. After spending two more years locked down I went before the board again, but this time I didn’t go alone. I took the Lord with me. I was released from prison on June 9, 2005 and I was living in a facility of V.O.A. (Volunteers of America) for veterans. Upon being released I soon got a job after being out for two weeks. I have been working ever since. Thanks to V.O.A., Family of the Accused/Convicted, and last but not least God Almighty, I have a second chance at life.

Thank God.




Dear Arnetta,

                Thank you so much for the cards of inspiration and love. They mean so much. Enclosed is the newspaper story about me. If you get a minute, take it to the ACLU and see if they will join my suit in federal court in Lexington. It addresses landmark issues about a person’s right to only be deprived of liberty determined by a jury after a trial. The state cannot ignore a jury sentence and impose a greater penalty.




To Whom It May Concern,

                The Family of the Accused/Convicted is a wonderful organization, helping the families of accused or convicted felons. We have been proud to offer free cleaning services for suits used to go on job interviews after incarceration.


Anne Jones Nash

President of Highland Cleaners

Louisville, KY


My name is Antionette Sneed and the F.O.T.A.C. organization has been a great service to me and my family. Ever since my brother Ulysses has been incarcerated in the Holman Prison system located in Atmore, Alabama we have had a very hard time visiting him. But then F.O.T.A.C. stepped in and made it possible for us to visit him. It has been an absolute blessing and I don’t know if it would have been possible for me or my family to visit Ulysses had it not been for the Organization. I would very much like to thank F.O.T.A.C. on behalf of me and my family for making it possible for us to visit my brother Ulysses Sneed.


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