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Testimonials continued . . .

Ms. Moore,

                First I want to thank God for making it possible for me to connect with someone like yourself and Brother Todd. I was explaining to Brother Todd that in my 30 years on this earth I’ve never experienced love to this magnitude. That’s part of what makes you all so special to me. You all are truly a blessing. I’d like to acknowledge the F.O.T.A.C. program and wish you success that’s continual with that. Good-hearted people such as yourself are found far and few in between. I know that our connection is not God working in a mysterious way, but it was his predestined plan from the beginning.

                God willing, upon my release I’d really like to relocate myself and my two kids (daughter Kyli age 5, and my son Kwali age 4) from the small, predominantly white town of Richmond, KY. from lack of opportunity. My criminal record and lack of job skills doesn’t help either especially in a small, mainly white town. I see the parole board in October and if I make it I plan to immediately enroll in school. I have a passion for writing. I have poetry published in three different books. I lost my desire to write poetry because I never saw any revenue from it. Brother Todd reassured me and led me to realize that God has given me a gift and that I need to pursue it. I now have an idea for a book. Brother Todd has really been a mentor to me and helped me expand my thoughts and views. He’s guided me to the realization that through God all things are possible.

                Though you and I have never actually communicated I’ve heard so many good things about you that I feel as if I’ve known you forever, and I feel really comfortable writing you. I thank God for my new family in Christ and I hope to meet you someday in the future. Until then I hope that we can come to know each other better through writing. I pray nothing but the greatest of God’s blessings bestow you.


Thomas Gentry


Dear Family of the Accused,

                I wanted to share a praise report on how good God has been to me lately. I know you and your team, Ms. Moore, have been aware of and praying for reconciliation and a turnaround in my relationship and communications with my ex-wife, Toni, and my daughters Hannah and Olivia.

                Well thank you all and thank God because it appears her heart and attitude are starting to soften a little towards me. She actually asked my Dad about me this week and also encouraged my daughters to write me back. My soul has been encouraged by these signs of hope and life in our relationship and maybe someday we will be able to co-parent without the anger, bitterness, or hatefulness. I really appreciate the work you all do to reunite the incarcerated with their families and offer my story as a testimony to others to keep praying and keep pressing until their breakthrough comes.

                What I’ve gained is priceless but I offer this small charitable donation of $50.00 to help continue the ministry and reunification/restoration work you all do as a small gesture of my gratitude and faith in what God can do through a few willing souls and available hearts and hands.

Thank you and God bless you all!


Andre Mitchell


Ms. Moore,

                First I would like to start this letter by saying our God is Wonderful. At this time it gives me joy to reach out to you and first of all thank you for calling my mom (Elizbith), and for blessing me with your son Tod.

                I have been introduced to the organization the Lord has given you and I know when I get out it is going to be wonderful being a part of your vision. In college I took Criminal Justice but with the felonies I now have it will be difficult finishing my degree, but I would like to add my talents to the mission of F.O.T.A.C.

                When Tod shared with me that you have made a difference in the lives of Ethiopians in the past it brought a smile to my heart. I have been through a lot in my young life and have not had many opportunities, but I know if given the chance with the right support my life will be able to soar.

                As I write this letter gratefulness is flowing through my heart. Most of my life I have been searching for something real and I found Him (Jesus). But not only did I find Him, I found where I fit in the body of Christ and through my journey meeting the different parts of the body has been and is wonderful. Your son is one of the body parts and he has been my spiritual father and I am so grateful for that. I feel like he is Paul and I am Silas. By the grace of God I met him and now I get the opportunity to write someone dear to him. I am honored to write you. It’s a blessing to have a mother like you. I pray one day that me and my mother could have a better relationship. I am grateful to be in this family and I am honored to call you Memaw. 

God bless you and your family.

I pray that the Lord, who gives peace, will always bless you with peace. May the Lord be with you.

Mickel Solomon


Dear Ms. Moore and F.O.T.A.C.,

                I pray all is well with you and the organization and that the incredible work you do to help heal and bring hope to inmates like myself and our families continues to grow and prosper abundantly. Progress in my attempts to work more closely with my ex to co-parent our daughters has slowed but I continue to remain prayerful and hopeful knowing that in due time God will work it all out.

                I apologize I haven’t been able to write or donate in a while as I’d like but please accept this contribution as a token of my appreciation for all you and F.O.T.A.C. do and as a seed offering to continue your great work.


Andre Mitchell


Dear Ms. Arnetta,

                I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for you and your organization’s help for me during a most desperate time of my life. After being in prison for 18 years, I was starting my life over with nothing, as if I had been dropped out of the sky.

                Because of the many resources, organization, and opportunities in Kentucky’s largest city, I chose to start over in Louisville. I had never lived in this city; but I had been here several times in the 70’s and 80’s. Also, I knew no one here, had no job and no transportation – and no money.

                My sister picked me up at the prison and drove me here. As a veteran, I signed up for the “Incarcerated Veteran Transitional Program”. So, the Volunteer of America (1134 Lexington Rd.) were to help me and pay my first month rent at the apartment complex that was on my provider list.

                Everything was set up for my December 1, 2009 outdate, until on the 25th of November, I was told that N.T.C. that they had made a mistake and that they had to release me “today”. That was the day before Thanksgiving, and I had to call my sister to come and get me.

                We headed straight for Louisville and I was immediately greeted to culture shock. While my sister was driving, she had to explain to me how to use her cell phone to call Bill Campbell at V.O.A. and Laurel Pilde, the apartment manager.

                Bill Campbell answered, but he was on the interstate going to his Thanksgiving destination. However, he called the apartment manager and set it up so that I could get into the apartment that day.

                Before my release date, my friend, your son, Tod, gave me a business card “Family of the Accused” with your name and phone number on it. He said, “Ron, when you get to Louisville, call their number – that’s my mother”. I was thinking to myself, “I’m not accused – I’m on my way out of prison, not in”.

                Anyway, I did call and my sister, Ann, and I met you at a Walgreen’s. You treated me and my sister like family from the moment I met you. Ann had taken me to Wal-Mart earlier and bought me lots of things. Ann went back to Frankfort and you took me to Aisha’s. Among other things she gave me a bed, box spring and mattress. And the next day I spent Thanksgiving with you and your daughter’s family.

                I had a tremendous agenda in front of me and you took me to many places before I got the nerve to try the TARC buses. V.O.A. kept me with free bus tickets and I got schedules at the main library. You took me to the V.A. hospital to get my veteran photo I.D. and benefits brochure for medicaid. We went to V.O.A., Social Security, Veteran Affairs, Deal’s, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart. You lent me an HD converter/antenna, gave me clothes, jackets, gloves, household cleaning items, kitchen items, many, many useful things, and bought our lunch at McDonald’s. You helped me get a sofa and love seat brought to my apartment donated by some church friends.

                Looking through my journal I see on that first day here Aisha also gave me sheets, blankets, and a shave/bath set. On Thanksgiving day I brought home lots of food and clothing. On November 27th  I went with you to shop in Clarksville. At Wal-Mart you gave me $10 and bought me some groceries and a nail clipper kit and from Lisa a crockpot, comforter, and window curtains. Larry and Rhonda Scantland surprised me with not one but two $150 Wal-Mart gift cards. What a great blessing – I had been given so many things from you, my sister, my Mom, Barbara and John Berry (sister and brother-in-law of Ed Bowen at N.T.C.), Aisha, Pastor Jim, and Volunteers of America – but I had no money. I needed a job desperately and worked very sparingly at temporary services until my sister’s Pastor Wilson in Frankfort gave me his 2002 Intrepid as he was buying a new car.

                Once I had my own transportation Labor Works and Labor Express sent me to work sites more regularly until finally I got a full-time job with benefits, which I have to this day.

                Thanks to Yahweh the Father and Yahshua the Son and Elohim’s Holy Spirit, I have a life, and through a family I thought had disowned me, but welcomed me back and helped me, and you and good Christian brothers and sisters, even Louisville’s resources and organizations – I have been blessed so very much.

Ron Phillips

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