Family Of The Accused/Convicted, Inc.



Our organization provides several services, as listed below:

1. Transportation services including:

      a.) FOTAC monthly transportation visits (Green River Correctional Complex, Central City KY, LaGrange Reformatory,

            LaGrange KY, Jefferson County Jail, Louisville KY).

      b.) We provide seniors raising their grandchildren transportation to their doctor's appointments, and retrieve medication on   

            their behalf. 

2. We assist in resume creation and general employment assistance.

3. We provide bus tokens for the first week of employment.

4. We provide advocacy services such as making phone calls and writing letters on behalf of members.

5. FOTAC provides clothing through their Dress To Empower clothes tree.

6. We provide correspondence support to children and family members of incarcerated individuals in an effort to forge 

     communication between parties.

7. We provide food assistance through the Dare to Care food pantry now open at 804 S. 26th Street - Hours are every 1st and 

    3rd Saturday from noon to 5pm.

Please note:

We are currently seeking space to reestablish the Wisdom Learning Nook that will provide computer access to assist children and young adults with their homework. We will provide tutors for children and also seniors who want to become computer literate.







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