Family Of The Accused/Convicted, Inc.

Our Mission is to develop and provide a network of supportive services for family members of those accused or convicted of a crime.


Our Purpose

1. To provide support to families and individuals that have a loved one accused or convicted of a crime.

2. To provide a network of support services to families and individuals that have a loved one incarcerated.

3. To help facilitate and provide re-entry services to those individuals coming out of the correctional system.

4. To act as an advocate on behalf of those who have been vicitimized by crime.

5. To collaborate with other organizations and agencies that provide services to incarcerated men or women.

6. To mentor all children and parents.

7. To provide clothing to all as needed.


What We Do

We as an organization provide transportation to and from our monthly group meetings; Northpoint Training Center, 

in Burgin, KY as well as the Jefferson County Jail - for visiting; transporting senior members to their doctor's appointments,

and to pick up their medicines.

We assist in creating resumes and provide bus tokens for the first week of employment.

We make phone calls and write letters on behalf of members and provide food and clothing through FOTAC's   

Dress To Empower clothes tree.

We provide emotional support for children and adults when needed. 

We assist children in corresponding with their moms or dads that are incarcerated to help bridge the

communication gap.


We are currently seeking space to reestablish the Wisdom Learning Nook that will provide computer access to assist

children and young adults with their homework. We will provide tutors for children and also seniors who want to

become computer literate.


Our Vision

Family of the Accused/Convicted, Inc. wants to provide an after school program that includes a hot meal and an

entrepreneurship class for young adults to motivate individuals towards modes of economic empowerment. We

would like to include field trips to various places that will broaden children's artistic endeavors and mentors for

children as well as adults. Seniors raising their grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a committee to

assist with their needs. Day care with a before and after school program to assist with homework and serve a

wholesome meal, and utility/rent assistance once a year based on need. We would also like to have at least two

15-passenger vans to transport our supporters.











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