Like Lazarus I was dead, until I picked up a book and read, ‘The history of you, Black Queen’.

What you did, what you said

How you lead, and spoon-fed

knowledge to me answering my pleas

even when I couldn’t see

the forest for the sea of the trees and leaves,

knocking me to my knees, within blinking or stinking

Broke down and stinking, you picked me up, saved me from my own demise, help me rise, made me realize and recognize all the lies

That I couldn’t see with my own eyes

as they were focused on the wrong prize

So no longer out in the fold of the cold, a lost soul,

to mold with no goals

Behold a woman, a warrior, true revised, and made new, strong through and through

Black woman

In front of me

I stand command demand

everything on dry land

the seven seas

and even the breeze to freeze

and seize a still scene

long enough to bow down

to you…….My Black Queen



Happy Mother’s Day